5 Tips on Preparing Metal Roofs for Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings are a very affordable option to repair and restore an aging metal roof. Roof coatings extend the life of a roof. When a reflective coating is applied, it can reduce heat transfer into the building and decrease thermal shock. Roof co...

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What are the benefits of hiring Restore It Commercial Roofing to handle your roof repairs?

1. We save you money
2. We SPECIALIZE in commercial roof coatings
3. We are CERTIFIED by all the roof coating manufacturers that we use
4. Our employees are properly trained an supervised

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Eventually, building owners are faced with the decision to completely tear-off an existing roof or repair it should think twice. However, forty percent of commercial roofs do not need replacement!

Considering Silicone Restoration Membrane (SRM) or Acr...

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Are Commercial Roof Coatings a Better Alternative to Re-Roofing?

Does your commercial roof leak? If so, a little exploration of alternative solutions before opting for a full roof tear-off and roof replacement is in order. In many instances, a restoration membrane can save you from an expensive ...

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Benefits of Restoring your Roof vs. a Tear Off:

► Economical, low-cost investment
► Energy and cost savings potential
► Lengthen the life of your rooftop equipment
► Reduce urban heat island effects
► Less noise, business disruptions, and downtime
► No equipment taking up space in your parking l...

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Does Your Commercial Roof Leak?

Restore It Commercial Roofing can come out and see if your roof can be fixed by applying one of our coating systems. We can save you money and make sure your roofing system is ready for the cold.

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10 Benefits of White Roof Coatings:

1) Lowers Energy Costs by up to 20%
2) Keeps the Building Cooler
3) Reduces Thermal Shock Damage
4) Reduces Air Pollution and Greenhouse Emissions
5) Complies With Building Energy Standards & Green Energy Programs
6) Handles all Ranges of Temperatures
7) Bonds...

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Is your commercial roof is leaking? We have Solutions!

Restore It commercial roofing repair consultants will inspect your roof to see if your roof qualifies for our roof coating options that will outlast any other roofing options available on the market today without a costly roof tear-off.

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6 months ago
Robert is Good guy. He installed 2 new roofs for us and repaired on others. He always take care of any issues even if after the installation. He stands by his warranty.
- Pradip C

Delaware Roof Repair

We are the best roofing contractor in Delaware as we are the only ones that can make a restoration service that is worth every penny. We have developed the expertise for many years of service that can ensure that every time we work in a roof it will last for longer and will work better than building a new one from scratch.

Restoring your commercial establishment’s roof with us is the most outstanding move you will make since we are the best of Delaware roofing companies as we are the only real experts available in the market. Most other companies that offer roofing services will only focus on removing the old roof and start building one from scratch which is not only the most expensive option but it also demonstrates lack of expertise and willingness to save you money and maintain the environment clean.

If you choose to restore your roof with us we ensure your total satisfaction and many benefits that include up to 50% saved compared to building a new roof. You will make sure you are keeping the environmental impact of changing a roof to the lowest as you will contribute less disposed materials.

Restoring your old roof will help you improving your customers' experience when they come into your establishment as the noise absorption of the roof will be unheard of and that will improve the comfort your customers will experience when they come to your business place.

Restoration vs. Replacement 

If you have been delaying the replacement or restoration of your roof then there’s no better moment than this to stop doing so. Neglecting the roof of your commercial establishment is as bad a it sounds, if you don’t make a decision soon then you are jeopardizing the integrity of the structure and also the quality of the air you have within your installations as any seams or penetrations in the roof can lead to humidity getting inside of the roof and this can lead to the development of mold and fast decay of the internal structure of your local.

Having mold inside a roof can take a while to be detected and as silent as it is it also can be harmful to everyone’s health, since you cannot see it at plain sight then we always advise to be on the lookout for a weird smell or any small signs of mold forming.

If you come to the realization that you have mold or humidity coming from the roof of your commercial establishment then you cannot delay any longer the restoration of it. You might have considered changing the whole thing all together, even though that is a good option let us advise you against it since this can cost you up to $10.00 per square foot and most of the times the roof is no older than 20 years which is the life expectancy of a well-installed roof, so if your roof is giving you issues and is not older than 20 years or even if it is, restoring it is the most cost-effective option and if you have us coming to do the job then expect the best results possible.

If you are not certain of what the current status of your roof is then we can come to make an evaluation and advice on what the best approach will be to bring the roof to its best shape for the less money.We will verify for any seams, cracks, or anything else that can put your roof and establishment in jeopardy.

Our restoring process will ensure your roof lasting many more years in a good shape, which only translate in less time and money spent on this specific issue that many faces constantly by not putting their business and trust in our hands.  

The process that we use to bring life back to the old roof is the best in the market because you will not be just saving money, but we have many other different reasons why you should trust us with your restoration project, here we list a few;

Less noise: you will realize that the amount of noise coming inside the building from the HVAC system in the roof is reduced almost to zero as well as all the other noises coming from outside, you and your clients will even forget the location of the establishment into which you are currently.  

Heat reduction: while old fashioned treatments for roofing include a black coat as a finisher we do not do that anymore as we use different materials than what was done in the past, now the finishing is white and is not just because, white reflects heat and doesn’t allow it to pass into the structure making the building hotter and creating a cycle of your AC system overworking, black roof temperatures can be over the 120F but with a white coating as the one we provide it is almost 30F lower, which translates in a direct impact on the performance of your HVAC, therefore, saving you money.  

Longer lasting: restoring your roof will give it many years more of life and.  

Easy to fix: once we have restored your roof using our techniques and expertise it is very unlikely there will be any need of reparation but if something happens we can come and easily fix any damage.

You might be hesitating to contact us because you think our restoration can only be done in rubber or asphalt roofs, but let us advise you, we can restore metal roofs with the same quality as on other materials, as we know it’s a great service that we offer and our clients come from many diverse backgrounds we always keep our services budget-friendly.  

Once you see the results of hiring us to restore your roof and check the savings that you are accumulating you will be a happy camper indeed and your clients will notice the difference in your business in no time, making them stay for longer and enjoy the experience more.

Restore It Commercial Roofing, Inc. offers the following roofing services:

  • Roof Coating
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Inspection  

Restore It Commercial Roofing, Inc.
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The best roofer in Wilmington Delaware is Restore It Commercial Roofing, Inc. and they serve the following areas of Delaware:

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  • Wood Mill DE
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